onARTBali Book Project – GoFundMe

onARTBali Book Project by Onart Bali – GoFundMe

Pak Wayan’s secret garden in Batu Bulan

About OnArtBali Project:

Pak Wayan is a true Bali Icon, helped to beautify many established hotels with his collections of original art which he is finding for the past 5 decades, opened his first Art Gallery around 1960′s.

Many western visitors bought his findings all over these years.

His family, daughter Dian & husband Oka with 4 children help him selling these valuable antiques and breathtaking contemporary artifacts.

Things went well for many years until one client ordered containers for Europe, Brussels, uncountable statues, furniture’s paintings etc …sunk on a ship (no insurance) which leaves the family in huge depths paying shipping-costs in advance borrowing costs from the banks.

My project tries to raise funds to keep this family in business and able to survive after such immense loss.





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